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By royal decree the Cadre has been commissioned to preserve the city of Stormwind, see to the expansion of Alliance lands, and defend the Eastern Kingdoms.


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The Possession!

by Lalnaaa, 273 days ago

For what was an innocent fun of scavenging, the large group ran from Elwynn, to Westfall, then to Duskwood.  Upon reaching their final destination, the group felt an uneasy feeling around them. The warm musky air soon turned cold and rotten. Leaving the fellow members a fearful sense. A wraith appeared in front of them. He looked towards the adventurous group. "You disturb my slumber, mortals!" As he yelled out, the wraith's scream left a terrible pain in their ears. The monster had long sharp claws. His hair looked snarled together. Skin was almost transparent. Fangs sharp like daggers. Dark, gloomy eyes. The Wraith's breathing was quite raspy. The adventurers drew their weapons, preparing to fight. As the wraith slashed his claws, setting a blaze to the companions and engulfing people's body in shadow. For the adventurers were yet too strong for the wraith, he disappeared. "You will see me again, mortals!"

                                             As everybody who was close to the Wraith would be able to see that the wraith was carying a warned down scroll. Melted wax kept the dusty old scroll shut. The members made their way back to the consulate. Lalna arrived just in time to hear about the group's interesting adventure. with hearing the event, she stated, "Perhaps the wraith fled, maybe to the ruins in Stranglethorn vale. I could get a lead as to where the wraith went?" She shrugged. "I'll set forth, I should take only a few days." Setting forth to her mission, the warrior thought she might be able to hunt down the scroll herself. Seeing as to what secrets it was keeping. However, upon entering Duskwood, she would feel an evil presence following her. She could feel touches, a warmth breath down her back. It sent chills down her spine. Returning to the battle field, she would see droppings of ectoplasm on the ground. Burnt grounds remain near the barn. Yet no scroll was to be found.  She began on her quest again, the presence would feel stronger. She finally reached Stranglethorn Vale, the presence left her. Voices were seemed to be heard. A male's deep voice trembled in her mind. "Thele'sar?" It sounded almost too real. She returned to Duskwood. Her body froze. The air that she breathed felt like it was suffocating her. Falling to her knees, her flesh turned into a ghostly pale color. Her form becoming skeletal like. The woman's cheek sinking in, showing her cheek bones. The light in her eyes dimmed, almost lifeless. Hollering out, her screamed echoed amongst the trees. 

                                              As a few days have past, a courier was handing out flyers, saying that. "A Night Elf woman, possible possession. Her stomach seemed to have bulged out a little. Perhaps carrying something inside her? Possession by Wraith recently sighted in Duskwood. Who would make way, to help save the damsel in distress?"


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Cadre Cook Out

by Harict Nightfang, 274 days ago

On June 25, 2016 we will be having a IC Cadre meeting will be a met up spot for those who would like to get to know other characters. Bring drinks, Food, your favorite bathing suit! The event will start 7:30 P.M. Realm time and will start a mass invite. Guild leaders please let me invite you to show you the location of where the everyone will be waiting/Meeting up. Please message me on battle.Net if you have me other then that please Alert Ari or I. 

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